Month: May 2014

Long slow drag to Tuam

Feeling terrible on the road to Galway, and then Tuam. This head-cold was robbing all my energy and turning what should be a relatively easy spin into a tough slow drag. I’m hoping it won’t force me to skip a day, or worse, quit.

I had no homestay sorted for the evening so my folks picked me up & I had a nice bath & dinner in Mayo.


I last posted on the way in to Ennis.

When we arrived, Anne-Marie and I had a super homestay with some great folks – more on that later.

Our “half-way” (or actually 6/14ths) party took place in a hotel in Ennis a few hours after we arrived.

We were good, and left at 11.30pm, though the party was only beginning to get going at that stage. Many folks left “early” at 2-3am I heard the next day.

I wasn’t feeling great coming in to Ennis, and unfortunately despite coming home early, I got very little sleep because of a head-cold. Hoping it will pass and I can stay on the road.

A couple of pictures from the party.