Acupuncture first time

Acupuncture photo I’m still struggling somewhat with fitness : my left leg has been seriously cramped and painful for the past few weeks. Thank $(deity of choice) it’s actually not too bad when cycling on and I’ve been able to put a couple of decent rides in over the Christmas.

It’s been so bad that amazingly for me, The Procrastinator Champion of the Universe, I actually rang my doctor yesterday, the first workday since the holidays, and arranged an appointment for today.

I like my doctor, he’s a medical doctor but also a homeopath and alternative therapies kinda guy. Today after a little physiotherapy I was treated to some acupuncture – first time I’ve had it. It wasn’t a full session, only 5-6 minutes, but I can feel some positive change in my leg already – still sore but a lot more movement. Hopefully it continues to improve so quickly 🙂
Photo from mikefats on flickr.


  1. Could you please give me details of your doctor as I have been searching for just this combination of traditional medicine and homeopathic training

  2. Hi Cora,

    I don’t know if you’ll come back at this point, but if you do then send me an email at the address listed on the left and I’ll send the details on to you.


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