Allez les bleus – French teams quit Heineken Cup

In a move sure to shock European rugby , the French “Top 14” clubs are boycotting next year’s Heineken Cup competition. This is a disaster for European’s most popular club competition.As reported here, the French have domestic problems. League Nationale de Rugby president Serge Blanco stated:

We are convinced that if we did not do this our domestic championship will be dead in 2009.

It’s unfortunate that their only solution is to throw their toys out of the pram.


  1. Its all a bit of a mess, still there is while to go before final decisions have to be made, so maybe he’s just posturing to get more out of later negotiations.

    Maybe rugby peoples should arrange for the Heineken Cup to be take a year off every four years, just so French players can play all the games they want, and none of the ones they don’t.

  2. As I was saying in a nearby blog I think there are conflicting interests here….the H Cup is everything to the Irish teams, while the national championship is the most important thing for the snail munchers. Something has gotta give….

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