Christmas shopping for a cycling fanatic? Try CRC

Paris cycle lane - photo from psd on flickrI just did my Christmas shopping – well, most of it anyway. So this is the blog post where I list a load of cool suggestions, and my hundr thousands of readers click on the links and I make loads of money. I would list piles of stuff off of or, but I gave up trying to order my presents from them earlier this evening – they’re not able to guarantee that a book ordered on December 17th will be shipped (not delivered!) before January 16th! And that’s in stock items sent by next day courier.

Instead I ordered some presents (mainly for my cycling crazy dad) from my old reliable ChainReactionCycles . I also bought myself a pair of Shimano glasses to replace the pair I lost on crash #14 when mountain biking up the Dublin Mountains a couple of months back. So does their affiliate tag bring in a load of $$$? ‘Fraid not – no cash involved at all. Instead they give me a link-back – mine is currently front page, which is nice, and will move back to their partner links page when someone gets around to adding the next sites in. I’d prefer to take a percentage of sales but I have to say that I’m so happy with their superb service that they’ve earned a gratuitous plug from me.

To get an idea of how much I like these guys, here’s what I’ve bought from them in 6 months. If you’re looking for a gift idea, maybe this stimulate some ideas!

  • Shimano Eyewear – Sunglasses Karida Sunglasses Gold + 2 Free Spare Lens
  • Smart Lights – Front BL-201 H Twin System 6w – 6w Lead Acid
  • Cannondale Headwear Balaclava
  • VDO Computers Cytec C4 22 Function Wire
  • Topeak Tools Compact Tool Wedge Bag 16 Piece Tool Kit – Quickclip
  • Brand-X Bags – Pannier Pannier Set Black
  • Crank Brothers Pedals Clipless – MTB Egg Beater SL Steel Spindle – Steel Body – Blue
  • Cannondale Gloves Full Finger Windfront Glove 6G04 Winter 2006
  • Endura Shorts Cycling Hummvee Baggy Shorts inc Liner
  • Brand-X Stems – MTB CNC Style 75mm 10 Deg Polished Black 1.1/8″
  • Easton Handlebars Flat EA30 XC Bar Black 580mm
  • Atomlab Stems – MTB G.I. Stem 55mm Ano Black 1.1/8″ 22.2mm Clamp
  • Endura Jackets – Bike Gridlock Jacket
  • Marzocchi Forks – Suspension EXR 2005 105mm Black – IS Mount
  • Park Tool Tools Triple Spoke Wrench Each
  • Park Tool Tools Chain Wear Indicator Fits All Chains
  • Tioga Bar Ends PowerStud 6 Mini Barends Black
  • Cannondale Bags – Saddle Fast Bag 17 5BO2 Each – Black
  • Kryptonite Locks KryptoLok & Kryptoflex Twinpack U Lock – 4″x9″ & 4ft Kryptofllex
  • MET Helmets A-Tomo
  • Gill Gloves Fingerless Amara Track Glove
  • Electron Lights – Sets F&R Front 3 LED & Rear 5 LED EHP120 2 Mode Front – 6 Mode Rear
  • Tacx Water Bottles Team Body Sol 500ml
  • Topeak Computers Comp 130 Computer 13 Function Wire
  • Topeak Water Bottles – Cages Mono Plastic Bottle Cage Black
  • Topeak Water Bottles – Cages Mono Plastic Bottle Cage Black
  • Gill Gloves Fingerless Amara Track Glove M Graphite
  • Muc Off Lubricants Muc Off Bike Cleaner 1Litre
  • Shimano Eyewear – Sunglasses Karida Sunglasses Clear Pale Blue + 2 Free Spare Lens (the ones I lost!)
  • Crank Brothers Pedals Clipless – MTB Egg Beater C Carbon Steel Body / Wing – Black
  • Gill Jerseys – Short Sleeve Urban Jersey SS XL 44″-46″ Yellow – Carbon
  • Tioga Brake Pads – MTB V Brake Pads Black
  • Tioga Brake Pads – MTB V Brake Pads Black

These guys are selling in the European market at American prices – but that’s not all! They’re selling at US prices with free delivery to UK and Ireland. I’m telling you as a fellow cycling fanatic – if you need cycling gear , CRC is where you should head.


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