Difference between rugby and soccer?

Dennis Hickey, Wales vs Ireland 2007David Beckham, crying

Hickey ran off the pitch, demanded stitches, a bandage, new shorts, jersey and headgear, all within the 10 minute time window so he could come back on and continue the rest of the game.

Beckham wanted a hug.


  1. Too right, if there is anything that I would like to see in Football is the players grow up and act like men.

    It’s interesting isn’t it, Football fans are tougher than the players, when hit with a flying chair or dart you just know they’ll patch themselves up and re-enter the fray.

    Rugby fans enjoy a nice round of drinks in the club bar afterwards and invite their opposition to join in a bending of the elbow.

    Says a lot about which game they would play in heaven.

  2. They are both great games. It is the international context of both sports that makes for great drama. It allways amazes me how europeans biker over which is better. Here in the US we have an extremly broad sporting range. It seems in the states the best sports are the ones on the fringes soccer, rugby, team handball but these are the sports more people actually play. The American sports media is extremly hostile to European/world sport.

    I remember when ESPN 2 first came on they would show Rugby League and Australian rules football. They quickly stopped this as they saw it would be competition for NFL. Now ESPN 2 concentrates on college american football.

    In my opinion what makes for a good ball game is when it is very free flowing and high tempo. You can see this in both rugby and soccer. Of course you have to take the good with the bad. I have also observed here in the states most fand of NFL have never competed personally in any sport. I hope the popularity of Rugby and Soccer continues to grow in the states and the ameican sports media one day gets whats coming to them for being xenephobic and nativist.

  3. as much as i love rugby. Any rugby player who has broken their metatarsal would be doing the same as beckham.

    you cant really compare a cut to a broken bone.

  4. Nathan, you’re dead right, I was being a bit facetious there. However, we both know I could find another thousand photos of wendyball players clutching at fake injuries while rolling around on the ground 🙂

  5. Most contrasting pictures together, though bothe are body-contact game yet Rugby is harder than the other one.

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