Ebdon wins UK Snooker Championship

Peter Ebdon holding UK Snooker Championship trophyAs an average pool player (8 ball) and poor snooker player I really enjoyed the UK Championship this year. Peter Ebdon won a mediocre final aginst Stephen Hendry , who looked tired and spent, 10 frames to six. Ebdon is a quiet kind of player, whatever it is I like his style.

Of course the competition was in the headlines with Ronnie O’Sullivan walking out on his quarter final match against Hendry. He’s given no explanation and the snooker bosses are making noises about getting tough on him this time.

I was happy to see Graeme Dott beaten by Hendry in the semi, I was really put off by the way he celebrated before the end of the final frame of the World Championship… it may be harsh to hold that against him, but I thought he showed a serious lack of respect for his opponent.


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