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What sports events MUST you attend?

There are loads of sports events I really want to make sure I get to before the next life (when I might not be such a sports fan).

Must attend:

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Slinga Malinga

Been busy but just had to post about this Sri Lankan bowler… what an incredible performance against South Africa, taking 4 wickets in 4 balls! And so excruciatingly close to 5 (and the game)! Unreal.

Loving this year’s Cricket World Cup.

What positives can England take out of this Ashes series?

What positives can England take out of the 5-nil Ashes loss to Australia?

  1. Warne’s retired.
  2. McGrath’s retired.
  3. The Six Nations is coming up soon so hopefully people will forget about the dire cricketers
  4. MBEs aren’t usually stripped away as easily as they’re awarded (though tell that to Naseem)

What other positives do you think they can take out of this?

England – you were Warne-d!

I love those Aussie signs in the Ashes ! After taking 5 wickets in an innings in the MCG during the 4th test, Shane Warne gave the England cricket ‘s MBE endowed batting order a lesson with 71 runs in the first innings at Sydney in the 5th.

Unfortunately it’s no longer Christmas so I don’t have access to live cricket on me dad’s Sky Sports any more so I’ll have to make do with the next day TV highlights and the live text commentary on the BBC…

Australia win the match by 10 wickets and the series by 5 games to 0. What a hammering! Poor old Tom Fordyce, who’s writing the live text commentary:

I’ve just remembered there’s a one-day series coming up after this, and I’ll be staying up all night again to cover it. Excellent.

Legend Warne to retire after Ashes

I dislike Australia ns almost as much as New Zealanders and Cork people… (only in sporting terms, of course – outside of sport, Aussies and Kiwis are really nice people). Shane Warne is different.

Always a “colourful” character, in his sporting career he has been fined for accepting money from bookies, missed a Cricket World Cup due to being banned for drug use, involved in many extra-marital affairs which led to his divorce, caused opponents to need therapy to deal with his psychologic abuse, and yet he remains one of the most popular and iconic faces of Australian sport – a national hero. He’s just that good.

Even if you’re not much of a cricket fan, you’ll appreciate the skill shown here in “The Ball of the Century“, the most famous of his 699 wickets (an all time record) thus far (2s):

Unbelievable spin! Here’s an interview with Warne on some of his greatest wickets:

He’ll be missed.