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Deep Tissue Massage For Rugby Injury

I’ve played rugby in the front row since the age of 12, and I’ve had my share of neck and back injuries – thankfully nothing very serious, but enough to keep me off the pitch for 6-12 months sometimes. In the past 3-4 years I’ve been seeing a chiropractor regularly, and I think he’s been good for me in a preventative manner (although he’s horrified that I still play rugby), but recently when I had an issue to resolve it didn’t work out so well and I reckoned I needed to look elsewhere.

A while back I built a website for Dene Hickey, a “qualified neuromuscular therapist”. I hadn’t a clue what ” neuromuscular therapy” meant at the time, but it sounded impressive. I recently met Dene about another website for his growing sports massage business.
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Get in shape fast – month of pain

I recently wrote about fitness and work life and running a business. I also made a promise over on my search engine marketing blog that during the month of September I’m going to post one blogging tip per day as a “penance” for my lack of posting over there recently.

I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my body fat and weight over the last 12 months and it’s past time I rectified matters. I measured a fantastic 110.8kg today — 244lbs or 17.5 stone in old money. Wow. I’m normally around 92kg or 14.5 stone. Time for a change 🙂

So similar to my blogging pledge, during the month of September I’m hoping to put a serious dent into that figure. Not by crash dieting or anything stupid like that, but just by healthy eating and a significant amount of exercise every day. I’ll report back here at months end and post up for the record how I got on.

How your fitness affects your work life

This is something strongly in my mind at the moment.

I’m a sports addict, regularly playing rugby (3 times per week during season), sailing (twice weekly in summer) and cycling – mountain biking and cycle touring for holidays.

Starting my internet marketing business has serious impacted my fitness – for about 4 months I’ve done almost zero exercise.

I really can’t believe how much of a detrimental effect it’s had. I’ve taken back up sailing at least once a week, I’m in my first week of running from 7am-8am in the morning, and hopefully I’ll have time in late August to do a week or two touring in the Loire.

Hopefully I can report back in a couple of weeks time that I’m back on course. If so then I’ll be able to give good data on how much fitness actually does affects business performance.

Would you trust a chiropractor?

Spinal cordNot so long ago I’d have told you there’s no way I’d see a chiropractor – that they were untrustworthy charlatans selling the medical equivalent of snake-oil.

Well now I’m getting a chance to find out first-hand! As I mentioned before I’ve had serious problems with my back, to the point where my GP has been able to help me arrest the slide, but not improve my condition.

I’ve taken a colleague‘s recommendation and am now attending his chiropractor . The guy seems like a good guy, and I’m delighted that one of the first things he wanted was an x-ray – he seems to be following some sort of scientific methodology 🙂

In case you were wondering why the sudden drop-off in cycling posts, now you know why I haven’t been out much on my beautiful Cross-Check, nor out on the rugby pitch for that matter!

Acupuncture first time

Acupuncture photo I’m still struggling somewhat with fitness : my left leg has been seriously cramped and painful for the past few weeks. Thank $(deity of choice) it’s actually not too bad when cycling on and I’ve been able to put a couple of decent rides in over the Christmas.

It’s been so bad that amazingly for me, The Procrastinator Champion of the Universe, I actually rang my doctor yesterday, the first workday since the holidays, and arranged an appointment for today.

I like my doctor, he’s a medical doctor but also a homeopath and alternative therapies kinda guy. Today after a little physiotherapy I was treated to some acupuncture – first time I’ve had it. It wasn’t a full session, only 5-6 minutes, but I can feel some positive change in my leg already – still sore but a lot more movement. Hopefully it continues to improve so quickly 🙂
Photo from mikefats on flickr.