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Suggest a WordPress theme?

I had to move Sport Crazy’s hosting recently due to some technical issues. I had seriously customised my previous WordPress theme for search engine optimisation and as it happens the backup I made of my customised theme is corrupt – d’oh!

So my options are to reinstall the original theme and make some changes, or look for a new theme to work off.

I think I’ll go with the latter – so I’m looking for your suggestions! I’m interested in finding a decent looking theme. SEO optimisation would be a nice bonus, but I can add it myself if that’s not there already.

Please, if you know of any cool looking themes that might suit a sports blog, or if you really like some sports site design, let me know and I’ll take a look!



Suggested pubs in Cardiff?

I mentioned earlier, Ireland are heading to Wales for a pre-Six Nations warm-up match their Six Nations opener in the Millennium Stadium and I’m sure that the official blogger for the Irish rugby team is required to be in attendance.

Welsh folk : I’m looking for your suggestions of a venue for a pint of your finest local beverage, before heading off in search of the elusive bugger.

Where do you suggest in Cardiff (near the stadium) for a few pints on the eve of this sure to be fantastic match?