Erin, cycle a mile in my shoes

32 Spokes drew my attention to this post in the Telegraph blog criticising cyclists for some valid and some invalid reasons.

“The worst offenders though, by such a long way it’s laughable, are cyclists. They are, for the most part dangerous, irresponsible road-users who nonetheless take the moral high ground at all times because they’re not polluting the atmosphere.”

I’d love for Erin to understand the motives of the most vulnerable road users. To that end I offer her my Trek 4300 mountain bike for a weeks use in cycle commuting (I will have an alternative to use myself).

Erin, you might find it energizing and good for your health, and you will gain an insight into our world. It would be great if you blogged about your week of cycle-commuting experiences on the Telegraph blog.

If it’s not possible to easily transport the bike from Dublin then I’m sure we can figure something out with a local biker or shop to get a loan – the blogosphere will somehow provide. I want to take all the obstacles out of your way so that you can give it a go. Leave a comment or send me a mail at the address I posted to the telegraph blog.


Sadly Erin refuses to put her money where her mouth is…

“I realise that the more people get out of their cars and onto their bicycles, the greater the benefit to us all in terms of the future of our planet, but I’m afraid I’m not going to take up your suggestion of cycling in London on account of having already increased my risk of significant injury through choosing to ride a motorbike, and not wishing to double it…

…the point of my blog is not to go on a fact-finding mission before I file (and there are always facts to suit both sides of the argument), but to share honestly my experiences with you”

I like that last one. Reminds me of Dubya – “these guys with their science and their facts and books… poouey, what I got is ma gut instinct”.

Oh well. Sorry you won’t be taking us up on the bike offer, Erin.