Do you know anyone in Naas who had a bike accident?

On Saturday Nov 25th a cyclist had an accident on the Naas Road – and Kevin has his bike. From the Cycling Ireland post:

At about 1.00pm on Saturday 25 November 2006 on the Naas Road a few hundred yards on the town side of Newland’s Cross and maybe 50 yards from Joel’s restaurant. I came upon a cyclist who was on the ground having come off his bicycle . While waiting for an ambulance to arrive I put his bicycle in the back of my car to keep it safe for him.

Tallaght Fire Brigade arrived and I left him in their care. I subsequently sent a text and phoned the injured man only to discover that the mobile phone number he had given me is not in service.

I understand he was taken to Tallaght Hospital by ambulance but as I do not have his name Tallaght Hospital are unable to trace him for me. I am very anxious to trace this man as he is obviously a racing cycling enthusiast and I should think that his bicycle cost him a fair penny.

I have no other details on this man except to say that he is a white non-national.

My mobile number is 086 8224 383 and my e-mail is kmaguire at lawlibrary dot ie. If anybody knows this man and could give him my contact details, or me his, I should be much obliged.

Fair play Kevin – I hope someone would do the same for me.

Update: I got a mail from Kevin last week – good news:

Thanks Alastair,

I found my man and he has his bicycle back, however, I don’t think he’ll get to use it for a few
months yet.