Matt Williams Leaving Ulster Rugby

Breaking news – it appears that Matt Williams is leaving Ulster Rugby!

A shock and total surprise. Sad news for Ulster and Irish rugby, Matt is a gentleman and a superb coach and will be greatly missed.

Sources: last few minutes of the Ruggamatrix podcast, transcribed by mikerob over on the UAFC board:

LK: “the other news this way.. who is catching a flight home.. is Matt Williams… is finished up at Ulster… they’ve moved that on as well… they are looking for a new coach… which is a bit of a surprise actually.. anyway”
Presenter: “He’s done quite a good job up there Les hasn’t he? .. brought that team together in the end”
LK: “Yeah.. got a lot of young kids coming through”
Presenter: “What happened?”
LK: “… I think he had another year but… I don’t know the true details… but I know that decision was made.. I just found out an hour or two ago myself … no one was expecting anyway..”

More news as we get it.