Limerick Leader News, April 5th 2009

Some humour after Leinster’s humilitation in Munster last Saturday.

Limerick Leader News Headlines

Keith Earls was arrested after the Leinster match on Saturday for suspected theft and kidnapping after Gordon Darcy was reported missing.

When the Gardai took Earls down to the station he was asked to empty his pockets. They then found found Gordon Darcy there safe and well. Earls explained he’d just put Darcy there during the match and forgot to let him out. When the Gardai followed up with a full body search the also found a ticket to S Africa with Rob Kearneys name on it, Earls apparently said Kearney left this on the pitch after the match so he just picked it up.

Gardai are investigating further reports that Paul O’Connell and other Munster players assisted in the crime, rumours that Contemponi was among players abducted were found to be untrue however Felipe did report the theft of his bottle from the Leinster changing room.

Sadly, very accurate!