Tough decision

Yesterday, cold, wet and confused, we sat together hoping that somehow the Cycle Against Suicide organisation could find a way for the cycle to go on despite the tragic loss of Brenawn. Today we learned that it would.

We all knew it was an incredibly tough decision for the guys to make. The marshals and crew had just lost a close friend – that pain was a gaping wound and pushing that to the side in order to make a rational decision must have been incredibly difficult. There was the concern for Brenawn’s family – would they view it as callous if we continued? Or would they want us to go on spreading the message? How could you even ask them at a time like this? Their blessing was essential.

And the motorcycle marshals, who had lost one of their own just a few hours ago, could you ask them to put their shock and grief to the side, and take up the mantle of responsibility for our safety so soon? It couldn’t go on without them.

And the other crew and cyclists who knew and were close to Brenawn, and those were affected by the shock of the event, what was the right decision for them?

I was absolutely certain in my heart that the correct decision was to go on. I hoped and believed his family and friends would probably want us all to carry on doing what he was helping us achieve. But you still have to ask them, and that is tough.

And if the decision went the other way, we still would have supported them 100% despite being gutted. Thankfully it didn’t come to that.

Thank you to Brenawn’s family, the Cycle Against Suicide decision-makers, and all of the crew who will help us continue, particularly the motorcycle marshals.

We are doing massive good – I see it in all of the messages of support I’m getting. The show must go on.