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Best of luck Munster

Back to talking about positive things with Irish rugby with Munster going after Ireland’s 2nd European title of the year (and admittedly, far more important than Leinster’s Magners League title).

My call on the match is very tight, both in terms of scores and playing style, with a fair amount of kicking in the first half, opening up a bit after the 30th minute or so when people settle. It’s too close to call a winner, but I just think Munster might shade it. I had a look around the online prices from the bookies and across the board they’re all shading it Munster by 1-2 points.

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Eddie – time to go

Ireland are bumbling our way into the Six Nations – we’re about to kick off against Italy in 2 minutes time.

Before we do, I’d just like to point out the incompetence of our manager, Eddie O’Sullivan. I say incompetence, because he is simply not a competent manager in this day and age. This kind of idiocy makes me livid:

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Why Eddie Must Go

Eddie O’Sullivan, manager of the Ireland rugby team, must go.

I am absolutely ****ing livid that anyone could even consider anything else for Irish rugby right now.

The honourable thing would be to resign but for financial reasons he probably won’t do that and I understand his position on that front. The IRFU board members responsible for the contract extension should also resign on general principles.

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RWC vs the media

Thought you guys might be interested in this – hot off the presses at the RWC. I’m registered as a media agency for the RWC (no – unfortunately they didn’t deem me big enough to send me free tickets).

Rugby World Cup 2007 Statement

It is regrettable that certain members of the media should have decided to suspend pre-tournament coverage. This unjustifiable move is being presented as the direct response to allegedly unreasonable constraints on reporting imposed by the organisers of the tournament. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Get in shape fast – month of pain

I recently wrote about fitness and work life and running a business. I also made a promise over on my search engine marketing blog that during the month of September I’m going to post one blogging tip per day as a “penance” for my lack of posting over there recently.

I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my body fat and weight over the last 12 months and it’s past time I rectified matters. I measured a fantastic 110.8kg today — 244lbs or 17.5 stone in old money. Wow. I’m normally around 92kg or 14.5 stone. Time for a change 🙂

So similar to my blogging pledge, during the month of September I’m hoping to put a serious dent into that figure. Not by crash dieting or anything stupid like that, but just by healthy eating and a significant amount of exercise every day. I’ll report back here at months end and post up for the record how I got on.