Wales and Australia show us how it’s done

Wales 29 – 29 Australia

Fantastic opening match of the Autumn series here in the northern hemisphere with a superbly entertaining performance from both sides. The rugby wasn’t always perfect with a couple of mistakes in the last 10 minutes as energy levels were exhausted, but overall each team performed in a way I’d be proud to see Ireland to reproduce.

Although Larkham was a fair choice for man of the match, my choice was Martyn Williams who had a brilliant game.

It was interesting in the post-match interviews to see how gutted the Aussies were – they had hoped to win 7/7 of their games up here. Tough luck lads 🙂 It always amazes me how high scoring rugby matches can end in a draw – with so many different scoring combinations it seems impossible. For these 2 teams, this was the first draw in their 98 game history.
If the rest of the autumn series is to this standard we’re going to enjoy some great rugby!

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  1. It was a great match to watch wasn’t it? And I agree, Martyn Williams had a fantastic game. Here’s hoping we can go one better when the Aussies come over here.

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