Month: August 2007

Get in shape fast – month of pain

I recently wrote about fitness and work life and running a business. I also made a promise over on my search engine marketing blog that during the month of September I’m going to post one blogging tip per day as a “penance” for my lack of posting over there recently.

I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my body fat and weight over the last 12 months and it’s past time I rectified matters. I measured a fantastic 110.8kg today — 244lbs or 17.5 stone in old money. Wow. I’m normally around 92kg or 14.5 stone. Time for a change 🙂

So similar to my blogging pledge, during the month of September I’m hoping to put a serious dent into that figure. Not by crash dieting or anything stupid like that, but just by healthy eating and a significant amount of exercise every day. I’ll report back here at months end and post up for the record how I got on.

Rugby roundup

Well it’s getting towards RWC time and things are really hotting up in the rugby world! Yet another Kiwi thug recently decided to have a go at finishing what they started back in 2005 by taking Ireland’s captain out of it. Thankfully he had a “lucky” escape with a fractured sinus rather than cheekbone so we’ll see him on the pitch come game 3 or so.

Amusing aside from the RWC: Saints & ex-England player Ben Cohen has decided to throw his toys out of the pram over in England when he didn’t get selected as captain for his club – he threw a tantrum and is refusing to train. This from a guy seeking the captaincy?

Back to international, Ireland are playing Italy this weekend – praying to any gods that’ll have us that we get no injuries. After hosting Argentina last weekend Wales are having another go at one of our Group, playing France. I have not been overly impressed by either Argentina or France, so despite Ireland’s relatively tame preparations I’m slightly more confident of us getting to the 2nd round than I was before last weekend.

That’s all for now – enjoy the last weekend of “friendlies” before the main event begins!

Suggest a WordPress theme?

I had to move Sport Crazy’s hosting recently due to some technical issues. I had seriously customised my previous WordPress theme for search engine optimisation and as it happens the backup I made of my customised theme is corrupt – d’oh!

So my options are to reinstall the original theme and make some changes, or look for a new theme to work off.

I think I’ll go with the latter – so I’m looking for your suggestions! I’m interested in finding a decent looking theme. SEO optimisation would be a nice bonus, but I can add it myself if that’s not there already.

Please, if you know of any cool looking themes that might suit a sports blog, or if you really like some sports site design, let me know and I’ll take a look!



Contador starting to feel the pain

Well, wha’did I tell ya? Looks like the TdF winner is unwelcome at a race in Hamburg:

Managing director of the race Frank Bertling said: “Our basic position is that we don’t want to have any riders in the Hamburg race who are on the Fuentes list.”

That list is said to include over 50 professional cyclists who were connected with a blood doping investigation, named Operation Puerto, in Spain.

Eufemiano Fuentes is the doctor said to have masterminded doping programmes for athletes.

Police raids in Madrid and Zaragoza last year uncovered large quantities of anabolic steroids, laboratory equipment and more than 100 bags of frozen blood.

Contador plans to make a prepared statement on Friday, though it is unclear what he plans to say.

From the Beeb.