Alastair & Barry - Partners in Climb
Partners in Climb
 Lying awake since 5, listening to the rain on and off. More off than on as the morning brightens, hopefully!

It sounds like it’s going to be another nasty day out there today, I think I’ll bury myself in the middle of the pack today and recover from yesterday’s exertions. Damn that wind for shifting around to remain a headwind as we turn south, not funny you guys.

Little does he know…
In Derry I had a meandering 2 mile GPS-less walk to find my B&B, exhaustion had kicked in making it longer than necessary.

But it was worth it as Paul, the owner, is a super guy. He didn’t seem to mind the drowned rat that turned up at his door traipsing in & dripping everywhere. I was cold to the bone and not only did he have a bath available, but a jacuzzi – capital-L Legend!
Paul had my gear rinsed and drying last night so hopefully that’s dry or close to it, shoes are the biggest concern… I should have brought the spare pair of cycling shoes I was thinking of.

Have drunk about 6 pints of water (with electrolytes), and not rushing to go anywhere 🙂 so clearly got very dehydrated in the cold yesterday – it’s so much harder to remember to drink on the cold days.

If we pass a good bike shop I’ll nip in to look for decent gloves, my ‘winter gloves’ weren’t up to the task of dealing with driving rain and that headwind. (RealFeel of -6C apparently). The 3 or 4 energy gels really helped get me through the tough parts.

Massive thanks to Barry (pictured above) who stuck with me all the way through that nasty afternoon leg despite me going backwards at times.

If you’re looking for a B&B in Derry look no further than Angel House, Marlborough St. 

243km so far
I’m a bit tired and only slept about 4 hours which is slightly out of character, but I’m not feeling sore at all, that’s a good sign. I’ve been watching my nutrition closely because that’s essential especially this early on. 

Onward south.