Month: April 2015

Glad that one is done

It looks like another misleadingly beautiful morning out there. 

I’m staying in The Fiddlestone Pub and B&B in the village of Beleek on the border of Co. Fermanagh, UK, and Co. Donegal, IE. Raymond has been a fantastic host here, helping us get wet cycling clothes and shoes dried out, all while running a busy bar at the same time – thank you!
It’s 7.30am so I have an hour to dress, eat & pack before we get a lift with Angela the 20ish miles back to Enniskillen. 

Yesterday was a crappy kind of a day. Constant rain from even before we got on the bike, until the final 10 minutes of our spin into Enniskillen. The rain makes everything more Continue reading “Glad that one is done”



Alastair & Barry - Partners in Climb
Partners in Climb
 Lying awake since 5, listening to the rain on and off. More off than on as the morning brightens, hopefully!

It sounds like it’s going to be another nasty day out there today, I think I’ll bury myself in the middle of the pack today and recover from yesterday’s exertions. Damn that wind for Continue reading “Derry”

Final Preparation for Cycle Against Suicide 2015

A training spin a couple of weeks ago with Anne-Marie (picture taken at Doolough, Co. Mayo)
A training spin through the Sheefrey Gap, Co. Mayo a couple of weeks ago with Anne-Marie (picture taken at Doolough)

There’s only a few short hours to the start of the 2015 Cycle Against Suicide here in Belfast. All the cyclists’ preparations have been made, we’re either ready for it or we’re not 🙂

This year I feel I’m in much better cycling shape than I was last year – I haven’t been doing massive amounts of training but at least I have been out for a spin at least once a week for the past month or two.

It’s a far cry from going into it completely cold with no time in the saddle in months last year! Continue reading “Final Preparation for Cycle Against Suicide 2015”

Gearing up for Cycle Against Suicide 2015

I’m gearing up – literally – for the Cycle Against Suicide 2015. I hope to complete 12 of the 14 days this year (with two days out for a work commitment).

Donations: some friends asked me if I had a donation page anywhere so I’ve set one up here. I wrote up some of the reasons as to why I think this is such a good cause on that page.

The run: Jim Breen is running the 2015 Cycle route (in reverse order) in order to promote the upcoming Cycle, raise awareness and get more sponsorships and volunteers (particularly homestay hosts).

Accommodation is required in or near the following towns

  • Belfast – 26th April
  • Coleraine – 27th April
  • Derry/Londonderry – 28th April
  • Enniskillen – 29th April
  • Longford – 30th April
  • Birr – 1st May
  • Limerick – 2nd May
  • Tralee – 3rd May
  • Bantry – 4th May
  • Skibbereen – 5th May
  • Cork – 6th May
  • Clonmel – 7th May
  • Portlaoise – 8th May
  • Mullingar – 9th May
  • Dublin – 10th May

If you can host a volunteer or cyclist in your home please sign up here.

Do you want to post on this site? I’m opening this blog up to anyone doing the Cycle Against Suicide, so if you want access to post on it before during and after, just let me know via the contact page. My plan is to transfer ownership of this site to Cycle Against Suicide so they can use it to promote the event and participants blogs.