Acupuncture first time

Acupuncture photo I’m still struggling somewhat with fitness : my left leg has been seriously cramped and painful for the past few weeks. Thank $(deity of choice) it’s actually not too bad when cycling on and I’ve been able to put a couple of decent rides in over the Christmas.

It’s been so bad that amazingly for me, The Procrastinator Champion of the Universe, I actually rang my doctor yesterday, the first workday since the holidays, and arranged an appointment for today.

I like my doctor, he’s a medical doctor but also a homeopath and alternative therapies kinda guy. Today after a little physiotherapy I was treated to some acupuncture – first time I’ve had it. It wasn’t a full session, only 5-6 minutes, but I can feel some positive change in my leg already – still sore but a lot more movement. Hopefully it continues to improve so quickly 🙂
Photo from mikefats on flickr.