Bilbo Bagless

As I mentioned yeterday, I was under time pressure in the morning. I arrive late into St Mel’s in Longford, the orange train was getting ready to leave the station. 

I had been wearing my big rucksack while pedalling furiously into town from the B&B, so I looked for Doreen’s day bag van to chuck it into. I saw a van with the CAS logo, the side door was open and there were a few bags in there so in went mine, and off I went to join the cyclists. 

8 hours later I discover my mistake: that was the wrong van. 

Unfortunately the crew – and bike – parking was a bit messy when we came into Birr so checking the vans was difficult and proved fruitless so far – I’ve a few more vans to check today. 

Until I find it, I’m in my summer shorts and praying the weather is just wet but not cold 🙂

Arrival at Birr