Pinched disc gives you plenty of time for blogs

I’ve had time to play with my blog a lot recently because I’ve been out of action the last couple weeks – I pinched a disc cycling about 2 weeks ago (right at the time of the Garda bike auction actually). It’s pretty amazing, I’ve been playing in front row rugby for 17 years now and I hurt my back for the first time cycling! Amazing, but f#cking annoying!
Initially I thought I had strained or even torn some muscles in the lumbar region because the symptoms were similar to muscle strain – spasms, painful to move, hot to the touch etc. It seized up pretty quick and I wasn’t able to bend at all all.Spine - image from

I don’t remember exactly the time it happened, but it was on my trip back home after going to the Garda Station. The first couple of hours I could feel my back seizing up, and sharp painful spasms. The next day I could hardly get out of bed (worked from home horizontally – don’t tell the boss!). Thankfully it was the weekend then, so with a hack saw and a mop handle I had a useful walking stick to help me get around.

After that weekend I was able to get around pretty ok so I got a lift to work a couple of days and taxies the days I didn’t. Expensive, but better than walking. Being my stubborn self it was only this week that I finally acknowledged that I was not improving at the rate I hoped to be and bit the bullet by going to the doctor.

Doc tells me I’ve pinched a disc and that it should heal up by itself over time. I need to take it easy and won’t be playing rugby anytime soon. I asked about the bike, I should be good to get in and out of work as it’s only a couple of miles each way. Of course I don’t need to get in and out of work today because I seem to have picked up the winter vomiting virus that’s going around. Wonderful. I’ll save that one for another day.