Halfway there

We’re in Tralee and halfway around our 1400km journey. Last night a few pints were had in Fels Point Hotel, and there was a pretty serious karaoke competition – serious in quality terms at least, it was a fun evening. 

I limited myself to 3 pints and a relatively early night because today is going to be tough. We have a very hilly spin down to Bandon, Co. Cork, include long uphill drags (one is 14km apparently). With a nasty headwind like yesterday that could be a tough slog. 

Yesterday was tough in some ways, in the morning I heard that there had been a suicide in one of the towns on our route ahead of us and the mood was subdued. 

In the afternoon the route involved long draggy up hill roads into a big headwind. I started at the back because I’m feeling stronger finally (it’s taken me about 1000km to recover from Malin Head!)

At the back the marshals had their hands full with a lot of folks needing a push. I helped out where I could, particularly when I could see one of the girls had gone to her own limit pushing someone else. It was a long slog up the last few hills into Tralee. 

It was worth it for the welcome, it seemed like the whole town was out to meet us. There were orange banners and flags and even bikes everywhere, it gives massive lift to see that. The school was awesome, very organised and a spread of food that was incredible. No photos I’m afraid, dead battery as usual! 

 I stayed with my friend, Eoin, who came up to Limerick to cycle with us yesterday, I’m hoping we can get someone to drive his car to Bantry so he can join us today. 

Onward and upward!