Rugby roundup

Well it’s getting towards RWC time and things are really hotting up in the rugby world! Yet another Kiwi thug recently decided to have a go at finishing what they started back in 2005 by taking Ireland’s captain out of it. Thankfully he had a “lucky” escape with a fractured sinus rather than cheekbone so we’ll see him on the pitch come game 3 or so.

Amusing aside from the RWC: Saints & ex-England player Ben Cohen has decided to throw his toys out of the pram over in England when he didn’t get selected as captain for his club – he threw a tantrum and is refusing to train. This from a guy seeking the captaincy?

Back to international, Ireland are playing Italy this weekend – praying to any gods that’ll have us that we get no injuries. After hosting Argentina last weekend Wales are having another go at one of our Group, playing France. I have not been overly impressed by either Argentina or France, so despite Ireland’s relatively tame preparations I’m slightly more confident of us getting to the 2nd round than I was before last weekend.

That’s all for now – enjoy the last weekend of “friendlies” before the main event begins!