Foreign Lady cyclist teaches Beijing motorist a lesson

This driver won’t forget this incident too soon… originally from Nanfangdaily via Zoneuropa:

At around 8:50am on October 20, 2006, on the road from the Zhaoyang East bridge towards the Blue Island Building, a funny episode occurred: a foreigner acted as traffic police and made a small sedan which had gone into the bicycle lane move back out into the car lane.

By the time that I got there, a foreigner had stopped and held her bicycle in the bicycle lane in front of a silver car (license plate number HL ****). She was smiling and saying something to the driver while making gestures. At first I went past and I did not take any photographs. Then I saw the foreigner go past the car and stopped her bicycle in front of the car. So she was trying to get the car to go back into the car lane instead of being in the bicycle lane. This went on for a few minutes. The driver got mad and got out of the car to curse the foreigner. He even picked up the bicycle and hook it. Even so, the foreigner would not budge and she insisted that the car get back on the car lane.

Finally, the car turned back into the car lane. The foreigner then blocked the next car (a white Santana), which quickly retreated and went into the car lane.

The whole incident occurred in under 10 minutes and drew quite a few spectators. After the foreigner left, the spectators commented: “The Chinese really need to be educated this way!” Dear brother and sister readers, what do you think?

Our heroine.


  1. Fair play to her! I would try that myself except they don’t have bike lanes in Dalian!

    On another note, the Chinese do always walk with traffic though. I am not sure if it’s the law or not but it’s “what everyone else does”, according to Chinese people I have asked.

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