Handbags at dawn, Fatty vs Dug

The wonderful stories that crop up in the blogosphere… here we have the Fat Cyclist who kindly helps out his friend by publically pleading with him not to attempt this 100 mile MTB race on a SS:

Dug, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of finishing the Leadville 100 on a singlespeed. It’s questionable, in fact, whether you’d finish the race on a geared bike. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make…

Dug, I want to see you succeed, but you can only succeed if you give yourself attainable goals.

Dug, not to be out-drama-queened, counters aggressively:

I shall not only finish the Leadville inside of 12 hours next year, not only finish inside of 12 hours on a singlespeed, not only a singlespeed but a RIGID singlespeed, not only finish Leadville on rigid singlespeed, but in UNDER 10 hours… I will simply offer you a wager.

  • If I finish Leadville next year in less than ten hours on my crappy, “Brad Keyes maintained” Surly Karate Monkey rigid singlespeed YOU will give ME whatever bike you ride in Leadville.
  • If I finish in Leadville in more than 11 hours, I will give YOU the bike I ride in the race.
  • If I finish between 10 and 11 hours, we’ll call it a push. You keep your bike, I keep mine. But, in this case, since I’ll have finished (and you contend I won’t finish), you’ll have to maintain my bike for me for the rest of calendar 2007.

Tension! The drama continues over on the FatCylist forums.

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