Migration complete! Fly my pretties, fly!

I have finally moved my sports related blog posts from my other blogs to their own home here on SportCrazy.net, where I shall rant away about referees, those dirty All Blacks and the state of pro-cycling to my hearts content!


  1. Nice new look. I like it!

    Did you pick something up at the bike auction? And how goes the build job? I’ve back-burnered mine until after the holidays. Besides, the first quarter is my fat cash-flow quarter. My build budget is rapidly closing in on US$2500, and that’s on a US$250 frame!

  2. hey bruce,

    Cheers. I was looking for something with green that looked decent and I really like the look of Ainslie’s Chameleon theme. I’ll hack it a little here and there but I think it’s a good place to start.

    I intend to finish off amdsoft at some point but there’s a lot of learnin’ I gotta do first for that job, my css skillz leave something to be desired, I’m more comfortable in the php backend.

    I didn’t go to the bike auction – I hurt my back, pinched a disc, which has me off the road at the moment. I think I had done it prior to heading in there to the viewing, but I had my “serious” chain lock in my backpack, and that messed it right up, damned irritating.

    The story with the bike build is that I’m having the shop do it – it’s just too expensive to self-build at the moment – pity! Here’s the quick version: Surly CC 50cm, Ultegra hubs, Mavic Open Pro, DT Swiss Panaracer Pasala TG; Easton AL drops, Ultegra brifters, Tektra Oryx brakes, Ultegra double compact (I went through the gear inch range with the shop – it’s impressive) with 172.5 cranks (MTB is 175 so we didnt want to go down to 170)… ITM AL seatpost & B17… that’s about it I think. Oh, the Tortec Expedition SS rack and some fenders.

    My “plan” is to ride this for a year or so and when I have cash again swap out the frame for a King of Mercia custom fit, and convert the Surly to fixed.

    Damn comment’s longer than the post!

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