No show from South Africa

Winds were so strong the flags were blowing vertically!


It was a bit of an anti-climax at Lansdowne Road this evening, with Ireland dominating from start to finish. My prediction was too pessimistic, final score was 32-15 in our favour.

It was an extremely windy night, it was interesting to watch the flags in the gusts. At the north end of the ground, it was a strong westerly. High above I could see the clouds racing with a rapid southerly wind. And above the south terrace we saw a violent easterly wind – when the flags weren’t flying vertically!

Ireland underlined their Rugby World Cup credentials by notching up a handsome 32-15 victory over South Africa at Lansdowne Road in Dublin on Saturday.

The margin did not flatter Ireland, who weathered an initial storm, and then produced phases of devastating running to blow away the South African resistance far more effectively than the wind that whipped into the tourists’ faces during the conclusive first half.

It was a Test match for South Africa to commemorate 100 years playing in the Springbok jersey, but the Boks of yesteryear will surley be turning in their graves after the visitors appalling display.

South Africa never once had a stranglehold on the game that was marred by too many silly penalties, heaps of turnovers and ruined opportunities.

Not taking anything away from a superb Irish performance that left the former world champions scratching their heads for the majority of the match.

Report: Planet Rugby

BBC Sport: Ireland 32-15 South Africa.

Ronan O'Gara kicks into the swirling South Terrace end


  1. Amazing the difference in our reaction to this win and the last one. I know the Springboks didn’t bring their top side, but it was still a good performance by Ireland.
    Interesting to see how we do against Australia now.

  2. Definitely. For me, a rugby match is such a subjective thing – it’s always about the atmosphere in the ground. I’m an Ireland fan through and through but sometimes I really want the opposition to get a score and make a game of it.

    I think I need to watch some Internationals on tv (for one thing I always miss Hook and Popey)!

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