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New Zealand All Cheats? Stats.

There’s a lot of discussion about New Zealand getting away with cheating. Rugby fans, players, coaches and commentators from every country outside of New Zealand are convinced, but New Zealand, and crucially, the IRB seem to think that they’re not.

The accusations

McCaw, offside

  1. “If I’d been a referee I would have handed out a couple of yellow cards. It’s the usual old faces that are doing it, but they’re good at it and get away with it. Richie McCaw did a great job at slowing it down’ – Stephen Ferris, Ireland and Lions flanker
  2. “We came off a fixture against the All Blacks … they don’t scrummage. They just manipulate, they play the referee constantly. It’s all about trickery” Robbie Deans, Australia Head Coach
  3. “Richie McCaw and some others get over on the wrong side of the ruck. He should be penalised every time in my book” – Willie John McBrides, former Ireland and Lions captain
  4. [Many, many more – see sources in the post below].

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Leinster Five-Oh

Leinster Munster October 2010It must have been an awful match for a neutral with ineffective attacks and poor handling made worse by the wet conditions.


For Leinster fans, it was a glorious, shocking victory. There were a minority of optimists talking up our chances before the game, but the vast majority of fans and press reckoned on a Munster win, by a hefty margin. Continue reading “Leinster Five-Oh”

Deep Tissue Massage For Rugby Injury

I’ve played rugby in the front row since the age of 12, and I’ve had my share of neck and back injuries – thankfully nothing very serious, but enough to keep me off the pitch for 6-12 months sometimes. In the past 3-4 years I’ve been seeing a chiropractor regularly, and I think he’s been good for me in a preventative manner (although he’s horrified that I still play rugby), but recently when I had an issue to resolve it didn’t work out so well and I reckoned I needed to look elsewhere.

A while back I built a website for Dene Hickey, a “qualified neuromuscular therapist”. I hadn’t a clue what ” neuromuscular therapy” meant at the time, but it sounded impressive. I recently met Dene about another website for his growing sports massage business.
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Ireland Get 6 Nations Back On Track

England 16-20 Ireland

Earls scoring against England
Earls scores against England - photo from BBC site (linked)

After a disasterous visit to Paris and a very disappointing performance against the French, Ireland have got their 2010 Six Nations campaign back on track with a hard-fought victory in Twickenham.

It was by no means a classic performance, made more of grit and determination rather than a champagne performance. A huge amount of tackles put in by the Irish line, with the vast majority of possession to England.
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Turn about is fair play

Leinster beat Munster 25-6 in the 2009 Heineken Cup Semi Final, a reversal of the 2006 result

Leinster beat Munster 25-6 in the 2009 Heineken Cup Semi Final, a reversal of the 2006 result

What a win! What a glorious, glorious win! Here’s some pictures from the wonderful occasion, and it certainly was a massive win for rugby and Ireland, as well as Leinster. After my previous post being a humorous response to the drubbing Munster gave Leinster, it’s a massive turn around.
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