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Ireland Get 6 Nations Back On Track

England 16-20 Ireland

Earls scoring against England
Earls scores against England - photo from BBC site (linked)

After a disasterous visit to Paris and a very disappointing performance against the French, Ireland have got their 2010 Six Nations campaign back on track with a hard-fought victory in Twickenham.

It was by no means a classic performance, made more of grit and determination rather than a champagne performance. A huge amount of tackles put in by the Irish line, with the vast majority of possession to England.
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Turn about is fair play

Leinster beat Munster 25-6 in the 2009 Heineken Cup Semi Final, a reversal of the 2006 result

Leinster beat Munster 25-6 in the 2009 Heineken Cup Semi Final, a reversal of the 2006 result

What a win! What a glorious, glorious win! Here’s some pictures from the wonderful occasion, and it certainly was a massive win for rugby and Ireland, as well as Leinster. After my previous post being a humorous response to the drubbing Munster gave Leinster, it’s a massive turn around.
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Mauls saved – ELV update

The IRB conference (with coaches, refs, administrators and reps from all the major unions) spend the last 2 days reviewing the ELVs.

Conclusion: most have been approved and sent on to be ratified, but vitally the maul collapse rule has been rejected (woohoo, that was always a bloody stupid idea), and the “sanctions” rule, which changes most penalty offenses into free-kicks (and turns union into league) has been sent back for further review. Further review? What idiots let the Aussies into the meeting?
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6 Nations Final Day Predictions

Coming to this a bit late – I’ve missed the first game of the day where France predictably did a demolition job on Italy.

For England – Scotland, I think this is a close game, if Scotland perform like they did in the first half against Ireland then they have a change of winning this game. On the other hand, England started off the Championship so poorly, and I really didn’t rate them (or Johnson who seems more like a captain than a manager). Continue reading “6 Nations Final Day Predictions”