Eddie – time to go

Ireland are bumbling our way into the Six Nations – we’re about to kick off against Italy in 2 minutes time.

Before we do, I’d just like to point out the incompetence of our manager, Eddie O’Sullivan. I say incompetence, because he is simply not a competent manager in this day and age. This kind of idiocy makes me livid:

“Substitutions are my decisions. We make substitutions late in the game occasionally – if we’re in a certain position,” he said.

“We don’t tend to make substitutions in blocks. I’m not going to change my philosophy on substitutions. I’ve done the same thing for however many years now.

“I have a logic and a reason why I do it. I know people don’t agree with that, but that’s OK.”

(Source: RTE News)

Eddie, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.