Get an Irish jersey signed by entire 2005 squad

Oxfam Ireland eBay Rugby ShirtThis is a really cool opportunity – an Oxfam Ireland supporter is auctioning an Irish rugby jersey signed by the entire 2005 Ireland squad and donating the proceeds to the charity.

I am writing from Oxfam Ireland . An incredible donation was recently made to one of our shops – an Irish rugby jersey signed by the entire 2005 Ireland squad. One of our supporters is auctioning the shirt off on eBay, and will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Oxfam Ireland . Would it be possible for you to post about this auction on SportCrazy? We are hoping to let people know about this through word of mouth, and as SportCrazy is one of the most popular and widely read Irish sport blogs, it would really help us out if you could mention it.

Here is the auction link! After such a flattering email how could I refuse?


  1. Flattering, but I’m guessing copied and pasted, as I got exactly the same one.

    It is in a good cause though, so I’d no problem posting the link.

  2. Hey Fence, yeah I know it’s copy and paste. I didn’t make the IBA shortlist so it’s nice to get some blog-ego stroking , even if it’s a form letter 😉

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