Ireland squad for Wales match

Ireland have announced their squad for their opening Six Nations game against Wales in Cardiff :

Forwards: N Best, R Best, S Best, S Easterby, J Flannery, J Hayes, M Horan, D Leamy, D O’Callaghan, P O’Connell, M O’Driscoll, M O’Kelly, F Sheahan, D Wallace
Backs: I Boss, G Dempsey, G D’Arcy, D Hickie, G Murphy, B O’Driscoll, R O’Gara, P Stringer, A Trimble, P Wallace

Because we have such a tough match for the opener I would initially guess at a fairly traditional starting 15 looking something like this:

  1. Horan
  2. Flannery
  3. Hayes
  4. O’Connell
  5. O’Kelly
  6. Neil Best
  7. Wallace
  8. Leamy
  9. Stringer
  10. O’Gara
  11. Hickie
  12. D’Arcy
  13. O’Driscoll
  14. Trimble
  15. Murphy

Of course with some strong new players in there, e.g. uncapped Ulster prop Simon Best, there is plenty of room for an alternative team featuring Isaac Boss and cohorts. Your thoughts on the squad, and potential starting 15? Post a comment or trackback.


  1. O’Kelly was never going to start, O’Callaghan all the way. I’d love if Boss got his chance for the 6 nations but i do agree with you that it’ll be probably be the same old boring stringer!

  2. O’Kelly was never going to start

    On current form, O’Kelly is there before O’Connell by a long way. POC’s been having a woeful run of late.

    Of course that’s the team I think will be named, not the best team we could play 🙂

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