Journalist breaks tradition, uses logic in criticism of cyclists

Adrian Fitch highlights a refreshingly intelligent article which criticises the urban cyclist for actual wrongs, unlike the steaming pile of manure from Erin Baker last year. It’s great to see a journalist putting even a modicum of thought into an anti-cycling rant.

Brian Hennigan had a wonderful rant against what he described as antisocial cyclist s in Tuesday’s Edinburgh Evening News.

He targeted:

  • Pavement cycling: “If you don’t have stabilisers on, the road is the only place we should find you whizzing along”.
  • Running red lights: “Apart from anything else, your invisibility to other road-users might just be proven in a way you did not envisage”.
  • Those who cycle where it is prohibited: “one day someone is going to get fed-up with your selfish behaviour and you will be amazed how far you can travel without a bicycle when someone jams a stick in your rear-wheel”.
  • Stealth ninja cyclists: “Cycling without lights at night is not some environmentally courageous way of showing how you and the owls are as one; it’s a way of being on a bicycle that says: “I don’t care about anyone else other than myself”.
  • And of course, helmets: “Anyone who thinks pedalling au naturale is fine deserves whatever non-indicating delivery van might lie in their future”.

It is a decently written rant. I’d agree with Brian on almost every point excepting the helmets issue. I think it’s not a simple argument, and I so believe it’s up to people to decide for themselves whether wearing £25 worth of potentially life-saving plastic is really that much bother. For me, there’s no question 🙂


  1. I saw it too. And posted about it here. It presents one of the better calls for civility out there. As more and more bikes roll the streets, biker confrontations, rather than those with cagers, will be the challenge to a sane public environment.

  2. I wish I could fit a bloody helmet over my dreadlocks :-@

    I’m considering shaving my hair into a sort of dreadlock mohawk and dying it blonde for that crusty punk look

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