Lions outhalf?

Back in reality, I'm extremely concerned about what's happening at outhalf (or flyhalf, or first 12/16th or whatever the hell you guys call it: I think we can all agree that it's Number 10).

SCW has been making some strange selections “wrapping Wilkinson in bubblewrap” according to some reports. Going by match form from what we've seen so far this is my lineup:

  1. Hodgeson
  2. (excellent on his one appearance)

  3. O'Gara
  4. (questions on defense, but was targetted, great tactical kicking)

  5. Jones
  6. (has been poor, not linking well, lack of control)

  7. Wilkinson
  8. (defense – protecting bad shoulder, match fitness, poor kicking form).

Unfortunately I suspect that Clive's list looks more like this:

  1. Wilkinson
  2. Jones
  3. Hodgeson
  4. O'Gara

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