Lions tour trundles on

Well, Saturday's Test match was a disaster. We lost by only 21-3 points thanks to the good fortune of having torrential rain on the evening.

Clive Woodward
“I have been involved in rugby for a long time, especially as a coach, and from my point of view, last Saturday's Test match I would put top of the list in terms of the most disappointing nights I have been involved in,” said Woodward.

“Going into the game, I passionately believed I had picked the right team, but then to see it all unfold was very disappointing for everyone involved.

Going into the game, about a hundred thousand Lions fans passionately believed you had picked the wrong team, and to see it all unfold was bitterly disappointing for everyone involved, because we had the players to win the game, and you messed it up, Clive.

Clive Woodward
“I just had to take all the arrows, stones and feedback this week – that's all part of it – and just look forward to Saturday night.

You had to take the arrows, stones and feedback this week because you well deserve them with your selection policies. Don't play the “poor me” card.

Clive Woodward
“Clearly, things were not right, and from the Lions' point of view, it is not a development tour.

Clearly the wrong team was selected, and from the Lions fans' point of view, it is not an England tour.

Clive Woodward
“I have made changes, which I think was important to give those players who deserved a chance to try to get the Test series back on the road,” he added.

I can only hope that your changes are enough. I see that you're still going with Wilkinson, who is out of form, with Robinson, who is out of form, and with Thompson, who – well, “barn door, 10 yards”, enough said.

What's wrong with Hodgeson and O'Gara, the actual form outhalves of the tour, who can't make the test bench for some reason while you pick 2 out of form outhalves?

What about your promise to the fans and the players that you would pick teams based on form, not reputation?

Clive Woodward
“It was time to shake things up. There is not a single person who didn't try their best, but last weekend was a disappointment that I have got to take responsibility for.

You sure do, Clive, you are 100% responsible for that train wreck.

Clive Woodward
“I promise you there will be a completely different show, come Saturday night.”

I sure hope so. We've completely lost faith in this management team. And the players? Who knows?

I'm really surprised actually. I thought that a clever, World Cup winning, total manager like Woodward would be on the ball – he's demonstrated that that is not the case at all, and has shown a complete lack of intelligent management. He's even made similar mistakes to Henry on the '97 tour, which are widely known and well publicised by Austin Healy et al.

That's what disturbs me about this test series. If we had played well and lost 3-0 to a markedly better team, that I could live with.

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