Sights and sounds of the Dublin Cycling Campaign Christmas party

DCC Bicycle Party in DublinAs mentioned previously, the Dublin Cycling Campaign Christmas party took place in Crawdaddy on Harcourt Street last night and I headed along around 7.30 for a look and a non-alcoholic beverage or two… it turned out to be a fantastic night, especially for a Monday, and great to see so many (around a hundred I’d guess) at the event. Fair play to the DCC for organising the event (I know how much work these things can be)! This short audio clip (45s) might give you an idea of the atmosphere in the place.


Sorry I didn’t get more but I didn’t want to record conversations (maybe I should get some interviews next time).

I was delighted to finally meet robfitz, whose great photos of Dublin ‘s wonderful cycling “facilities” I have been borrowing for recent rants blog posts. We talked about the politics of campaigning for better facilities and some other ideas like an Irish bicycle registration website (which I’ve considered doing but dismissed as far too much hard work). Rob is a really nice guy who is far too tolerant for his own good, and I’ve promised to steal all his website ideas.

I chatted with a lovely American guy (I think it was Charles Kading from New Mexico) who was passing out flyers for World Bicycle Month in June 2007 and the Heartland Bicycle Festival in Wilson State Park, Kansas (June 22-24th 2007). I spoke to another Rob – sorry I didn’t get your surname, though I will buy you that pint next time! Also met a colourful ex-De La Salle debating fellow and a guy from the Netherlands.

It had been a good party but suddenly I fell in with a bad crowd… the couriers! It happened innocently enough too!
Gary at the dcc bicycle partyI was talking to Alan and Gary from Cyclelogical (who sold me my beautiful Cross Check)… I think Gary is part-time in the shop and he works weekdays as a courier. He has the mis good fortune of knowing DotC, another crazy courier who used to live with some friends of mine. It was great talking to several of the couriers about all sorts, and tolerable talking to the others (just kidding guys, you’re all huggable). I’m really looking forward to the 15th Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships in Dublin next year.

All in all it was a great night out and I hope it’s repeated. I learned a bit about the DCC and it was great to see DotC, robfitz and all the rest.