Sports + Geek = Results Microformat?

Blondie had an idea about posting rugby results that got me thinking about applying Microformats to sports results . She was talking about posting the results in a format like this:

  • Home Team (score)
  • Visiting Team (score)
  • Date
  • Location
  • Was this a league match or special event/tournament
  • If so, what league/territory/division
  • Notables
  • If there are photos, what’s the website
  • Other information

This kind of thing looks ideal for Microformats if you don’t want to go down the database route. I jumped on the Microformats IRC channel to find out if such a beast already exists, here’s what the guys had to say.

[23:02] * Now talking in #microformats
hi y’all
I am looking for a MF for describing sports results
do you have such a thing?
like a news update?
or is that like an event?
it’s an event I guess
that’s kind of like the results of an event
an event result
box scores?
e.g. sport=rugby homeTeam=x awayTeam=Y homeScore=45 awayScore=22 etc
well, you could start by making them hCalendar events
yeah, but that’s only the last bit of it, right?
hmmm…. what about ordered results (e.g. sprinting)? Use event mf within a result mf?
the most important thing is where and when it took place, correct?
I was thinking about that
and diving etc
that part is easy
ordered list
the most important thing… that’s debatable
sportcrazy, the important thing is to re-use what is already there and only extend when needed after looking at how other ppl have marked this sort of thing up
I suggest you start experimenting with the who what when where of a sporting event
and then try adding on top of that with scores and stuff
perhaps with XOXO
with some small pieces to describe the game, resulting scores and other information
so so… my first thought was to use hCalander for when, hCard for where
sportcrazy, marking up lists
k, thanks for your help guys, I’ll go explore what’s available
hCard is good for marking up hCalendar locations: link

Sounds interesting – I’m going sign up to their mailing list and have a look into creating a suitable Microformat, I think it’s needed at this point. It’d have to be fairly flexible to support the many various results types. Anyone else out there working on similar ideas?