Tour shock – Vinokourov tests positive

Vino leading breakaway in Stage 15 2007 TdF

I really was enjoying this year’s TdF, it was delivering really exciting tactical and strategic racing, especially the time trial and the 2 Pyrenees stages so far – brilliant! There’s been so much to enjoy up til now in the 2007 TdF:

  • Rasmussen-Contador’s cat and mouse routine in the mountains
  • Vino’s great TT win
  • Will Evans stay in GC contention in the Pyrenees after day 1?
  • Just how good will the Astana team be if they get their team strategy in order next year?
  • (before Vino’s 28 minute blow-up) Is Vino or Kloeden #1?
  • Lots of great up and coming riders

So what a shame and a shock it is to learn that Vino’s been done for homologous blood doping and worse again, the entire Astana team is withdrawn from the race!