Voting has closed at the IBA

Voting has closed at the Irish Blog Awards and sportcrazy did not make the shortlist. I’d like to wish all the guys who made the shortlist in the Best Sport & Recreation category the best of luck!

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Thanks to anyone who voted for sportcrazy! I know I got some votes from my family and from the crew of Pippa IV (thanks guys) so hopefully I passed the ignominy of a single figure score 😉 Richard Hearne over at looks like a really good Irish SEO guy. He’s offering free consulting for the IBA nominees and I’d love to take him up on his offer.

Richard, I really don’t want to take 2 hours of your time – 15 mins should suffice. I’ll tell you where I think I’m weak right now here on

  • This template has sidebars before content. I really need to get around to this one, I’m not so hot on CSS layout I’m afraid.
  • I have a tendency to hotlink images from news sites rather than have local images.
  • I don’t have 302’d to the www-less version right now. (Not too bad because G’s webmaster tools knows my preferred version.)

Whatever you can find after that I’d love to know about – cheers!


And finally, in honour of sharing the link love here’s the full list of nominations, gratuitously stolen from Redmum 😉 I’ve cleaned up the list a little, removing typos and spaces in URLs and removing the cursed “Open in New Window” target (may it die roaring and screaming of the plague).

Best Blog

Alive in Limerick
An Irish Craftworkers
Good Life

An Spailpin Fanach
An tImeall
Arse End of

Backseat Drivers
Biz Growth News
Bock the Robber The
Voice of Irish Nationalism

Head Rambles
I Take Photees
Ireland 16
Letter to America
Manuel Stimulation
A Jack Daniels

RedMum’s Blog
The Cedar Lounge

The Community At Large
The InFactah Blog
The Limerick Blogger
Tir na Blog
Twenty Major
Womans Aid

Best Blog Post- Sponsored by Hosting365

Ach go hairithe – We love Irish we do, but if we want our signs in English
An Cainteoir Dochais – Ag toraiocht na ndilseoiri i mBaile Átha Cliath
andcurve – Cock-blocking beats
Annie Rhiannon – Three years too late
Arse End of Ireland – Where do you get your smoke from?
Arse End of Ireland – The Bertles
Balrog – McDowell should walk over Rape crisis
Bifsniff – Should You Be Laughing At This? Snackbox Diaries – Introducing AbuseOS
Blogorrah – Rochegate: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Bock the Robber – Haughey
Conor’s Bandon Blog – You may feel a small prick
Cruiskeen Eile – Boys will be Boys
Cruiskeen Eile – Phwoarr. How to Report on the Troubles While Getting
David McWilliams – The Dundrum Paradox – Don’t be Paddy Last! – The Passion-Industrial Complex
Earth and Universe – The day I quit as an Altar Boy.
Earth and Universe – The legend of Uncle Tom and the Bubble Car
ElBlogador – Bloody Sunday In Pictures
ElBlogador – Peter Robinson
Empire State View – Barry Egan, Journalist of the Year
From Bath to Cork with baby Grace – After traffic in Cork
Fustar – David Sque Interview Part 1.
Fustar – Chess with balls
Graham Ó Maonaigh – Ending Gun crime
iQblog – Irish kitchen sink usability
Irelands Few – Corruption WithIn Unionism?
IrishEyes – Richard Waghorne has a closed mind
Letter to America – Drama – Thy Name is Pong
Life is a Journal – Self Help and Personal Development for Lazy People
Madspoon – Sheep 34 Banana
Maman Poulet – 35 going on 13
Blog – Pompoms and bottle tops.

Old Bitter Balls – Keeling Time
Political Quote – Bertie Ahern does a ‘Nixon’ over money scandal
Red Cardinal – Golden Spiders – Are These Really Ireland’s Best Websites?
Redfly Marketting – DMOZ Submission Guide
Ricks Breakfast Blog – A Religious Experience…
Ricks Breakfast Blog – Most Extraordinary Day of my Life
Skin Flicks – The JC Skinner guide to drinking
Stig Online – The most painful 12 miles of my life (and the other 14 were hardly easy)
The Adventures of Truculent Horse – Culture Shock III – The Language Barrier
The Dossing Times – The Riots and the consequences.
The Dossing Times – Riots in Dublin
The Great Wee Azoo – Awfully Awfully at Castleward Book Fair
The Midnight Court – Paper Round Exclusive!
The torture garden – the best songs of 2006
Twenty Major – A thousand words
Twenty Major – Countdown to the next election
Young Unionists – Ignoring the Big Issues
Young Unionists – In defence of the Act of Settlement

Most Humorous Post – Sponsored by Beecher Networks

Ach go hairithe – Reasons Behind Australian Rough-House Tactics In International Rules Series (Exclusive)
andcurve – Cock-blocking beats
Arse End of Ireland – Berties Perspiration
Arse End of Ireland – Won’t Somebody think of the children
Backseat Drivers – Sex – Breakfast of Champions
BifSniff – Dry White Seasoning
BifSniff – Spyware
Blogorrah – The Twink Tapes
Blogorrah – Why can’t we all just get along?
Captain Purplehead – Ah Tis All Too Much
Chetwynde Downs – The Naile Raye Quintet
Dublin Opinion – Property Market Causes Ireland to shit its brain

Earth and Universe – Legend of Uncle Tom and the Bubble Car
ElBlogador – DUP In Gay Marriage Shocker
ElBlogador – These are a few of my favourite things
Fustar – Dis-courtesy Call
Fustar – Manky Toy Monday: League of the Transformable
Gingerpixel – Garda Prank Call
Green Ink – Beep Beep Beep
Head Rambles – Giving Up Smoking
Head Rambles – Translation Help Needed
Irish KC – A Kansas City Phone Call To An Irish Mother
Irish KC – Irish Conversations
Kav’s Blog – Westside Story Bud
Letter to America – Drama – Thy Name is Pong
Life’s a bastard – Scientists – I’m against them
Manuel Stimulation – From Bad to More Bad
Manuel Stimulation – Victory to Moroccan Imperialism
Old Bitter Balls – Or was this just a dream?
Political Quote – PDs new Spin Doctor
Pure Cork Boy – Music: The Roaring Forties
RedMum – Guilty Pleasures
Rick O’Shea – Ketchup… Catsup..
Rinceoir – Cry Havoc
Skinflicks – Babys called Bad Bad thing
Snackbox – AbuseOS from TwinkSoft
The Great Wee Azoo – Awfully awfully
Twenty Major – Countdown to Next Election
Twenty Major – Post Secret
Wayne Ordinary American – Wayne loves you one and all

Best Photo Blog – Sponsored by – The online photo editor
Capture Capture
Dancing Shades of Light
Knight Photography

Donal’s blog
Focus Pocus
Glassey Alley
How your mama now?
I Take Photees
Iced Coffee
never gonna dance again

In Photos
Ireland from a Polish

Kind I Like
ar mo T-leine e

Letter to America
North Atlantic Skyline
PAD – Photo a Day
à Dublin

Seth Wheeler
This is Diopter

Best Arts and Culture Blog – Sponsored by Poetry Ireland

Alan in Belfast
Contemporary Arts Review
Dead Beat
Empirestate View
Green Ink
In Fact Ah
KC Irish Fest
Letter to America
Maguires Movies
PaddyC Movie Reviews
Poet Blogg
Sinead Gleeson
Soundtracks for Them
The Cat Flap
The Dreaming Arm
The Harlot’s Progress
The Torture Garden

Best Political Blog – Sponsored by Technofutures

1169 and Counting
A Tangled Web
An Caomhach
An Saol
An Spailpin Fanach
Best of Both Worlds
Bock the Robber
Damien Blake
Daniel K. Sullivan
Dominic Hanngian’s blog The Voice of Irish Nationalism
Extra Extra
Graham O’Maonaigh
Green Ink
Harry McGee’s blog
ie-Politics by Gerry O’Quigley
Ireland – The Voice Of The Nation
Maman Poulet
Richard Delevan’s blog
Seamus Ryan’s blog
Semper Idem
Sicilian Notes – Richard Waghorne
Slugger O’Toole
The Cedar Lounge Revolution
The Dossing Times
The Tuppenceworth Blog
The United Irelander Blog
The Young Unionists

Best Group Blog – Sponsored by

Backseat Drivers
Howth Coastguard Blog
In Fact Ah
Ireland 16 Days
Links Heaven
Old Rotten Hat
One Breast Less
Sligo Camera Club
Sligo Rugby Football Club
Team Geared Up
The Cedar Lounge Revolution
The Community At Large
The Dublin Blog
The Limerick Blogger
UCD Science Librarians
Womens Aid Blog
Wow Blog

Best Personal Blog – Sponsored by Interactions – Creative Strategies for Business

Annie Rhiannon

Conor O’Neill
Dec’s Rambling
From Bath to Cork with
Baby Grace

Gerry Gainford
Hangar Queen
Head Rambles
Kav’s Blog
Mine’s a Jack Daniels
The Newbrowne Blog
The Rambling Man
The Waiting Game
Una Rocks
Wayne Ordinary American
Winds and Breezes

Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog – Sponsored by Edgecast Media

Ach go hairithe
An Saol
An Spailpin Fanach
Arm Runda na Gaeilge
Blag Shomhairle
Chetwynde Downs
Hilary NY
Leigh ar mo T-leine e!
MH Wombat
Roinnt Smaointe
Seo Panu ag labhairt
Smaointe Fanacha Aonghusa

Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere – Sponsored by

Bernie Goldbach
Cian and Simon for Irish

Conn O Muineachain
Donncha O’Caoimh
Gavin Joyce for

Macdara in the Leb
Michele Neylon for
Rick O’Shea
Sarah Carey
Simon McGarr
Tom Raftery

Best Technology Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by Bitbuzz
Aidan Finn
Bernie Goldbach
Clare Dillon
Conor O’Neill
Creative Imagination – Ken McGuire
Donncha O’Caoimh
EdenWeb Blog
Francis Shanahan
Ina O’Murchu
IQ Content Blog
James Corbett – Eirepreneur
John Collins
John Naughton
Justin Mason
Michele Neylon for
Pat Phelan
Red Cardinal Blog
Robert Burke
Tom Raftery
What Will you see next?
Your Tech Stuff – Adrian

Best Designed Blog – Sponsored by Equisoft

5 Pieces
Ach go hairithe
Creative Imagination – Ken McGuire – The Voice of Irish Nationalism
From Ireland to Kansas City
Ginger Pixel
Inside the mind of an idiot.
Jason Roe’s blog
John Handerlaar’s

Kind I Like – Things that look like people
ar mo T-leine e!

Letter to America
Pretty Cunning
RedFly Marketing
for Them
The InFactah Blog
The IQ Content Blog
Twenty Major

Best Sport & Recreation Blog – Sponsored by

Billy Lyons
World Cup

In Fact Ah
Irish Go blog
Laois Talk
Liverpool Access
On the Ditch
PaddyC Movie

Piranha Triathlon Club
Rebel BMX
Sligo Rugby Football Clun
Team Geared Up
The Kop Blog
Tom’s Sporting Almanac
Wiffy Blog

Best News/Current Affairs Blog – Sponsored the Sunday Tribune

Adam Maguire
Alive in Limerick
An Spailpin Fanach
Best of Both Worlds
Dublin Opinion
Public Inquiry
Sarah Carey
Stephen Spillane
The Limerick Blogger
The NewsWire
The Story

Best Specialist Blog – Sponsored by iQ Content Ltd

An Irish Craftworker’s
Good Life

Ask Direct
Burma Review
Clear of Cloud
Clerical Whispers
Graham O’Maonaigh
Green Ink
Howth Coastguard
Ice Cream Ireland
Ireland 16 Days
Irish Go blog
Irish KC
KC Irish Fest
Lean Healthcare Services Blog
McGarr Solicitors
Munster Pubs
Myers Watch
One Breast Less
PR Matters
Random Grub
Siopa Eile
SSIA Watch
The Good Life
The Waiting Game
Whois Ireland
World Debate Website

Best Newcomer – Sponsored by Edelman

Alan in Belfast
An Irish Craftworker’s Good Life
An Saol
Arse End of Ireland
Betty the Sheep
Bock the Robber
Dario Sanchez’s Angry Dome
Elly Babes
Harry McGee
Head Rambles
Ireland 16 Day
Ireland from a Polish perspective

Michael Flangan
Notes on the Front
Peppermint Tea
Style Treaty
The Cedar Lounge Revolution
The Great Wee Azoo
The Midnight Court
The News Wire
The Waiting Game
What will you see next?
Where’s the Salt?
Womens Aid

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Allagi Blog
Ask Direct
ATP Blog
Barry Walsh
BH Consulting Blog
Biz Growth News
Bubble Brothers
First Partners
ForestHill Blog – Ice Cream Ireland
ImageFile Blog
James Corbett – Eirepreneur
Keith Bohanna
Kevin Kelly Unlimited
McGarr Solicitors
Michele Neylon
Piaras Kelly
Roam4Free Blog
Voicesage Blog

Best Music Blog – Sponsored by

Cumann Carad na Gaeilge
Faoi dhein an dorais
is a Feeling

In Fact Ah
Kilkenny Music Blog
Sinead Gleeson
Soundtracks for Them
The Torture Garden
Una Rocks

Best Podcaster – Sponsored by Microsoft

2 Irish Geeks and a TV
An Saol
Cumann Carad na Gaeilge
Doop Podcasting
EdgeCast (Conn O Muineachain)
Faoi dhein an dorais
Kevin Kelly
Letter to America
Okey Doke Football
Open Source Podcast
Richard Delevan
The Persuaders
Twenty Major

Best Podcast – Sponsored by

An Lionra – 06 12 06
Arseblog – Episode 1
Arseblog – Episode 10
Arseblog – Episode 12
Cumann Carad na Gaeilge – Podchraoladh Caoga a Naoi
IT@Cork – Eddie Hobbs
Letter to America – Chapter 29 – The Lift 2.0
Letter to America – Chapter 43 – The Date
Letter to America – The Irish Blog Awards Podcast
Oldbones – The Favour
Podleaders – Dan Bricklin
Twenty Major – Pizza Delivery
Twenty Major – Scientology

Best Videocast – Sponsored by Cork Internet eXchange

Aine Chambers Dooney Rock, Sligo
Allyn Quigley – DWIC – X-mas No#1
Allyn Quigley – Size Matters
Brody Sweeney on why he decided on politics
Disappear by JP Pagano
Minister to Nowhere – Simon McGarr
PD Election Video
Technolotics #44 – Flying Naked
Technolotics #29 – ZZ Fops
Uisce In New Hampshire
You pay taxes so we don’t have to