Why build this website?

I built this site for several reasons: in part to help promote CycleAgainstSuicide and their message (it’s ok to feel shit sometimes, and it’s ok to ask for help when you do), in part to chronicle my own attempt to complete as many days cycling as possible, and mostly because Jim Breen made me do it.

Jim asked me to make him a promise – a contract he called it – that I would come speak with him before I quit the cycle at any point. He also decided to broadcast this to the peleton as “14 days alastair.com” (clearly not aware that 3% of the population can spell my name correctly). I told him I’d build it.

I am Alastair McDermott and my business is WebsiteDoctor.com. I built this website during the CycleAgainstSuicide 2014 event, in a hotel room on spotty internet connection after a long couple of days in the saddle – please forgive the rough edges.

I am intimately familiar with depression, both from my own experience, and that of my loved ones and friends, and of work colleagues and peers in the small business community. Thankfully I have no experience with that which the CycleAgainstSuicide is trying to prevent.

The positivity and support and comradery amongst the cyclists on this event is incredible, almost surreal. The message is being spread far and wide.