Would you trust a chiropractor?

Spinal cordNot so long ago I’d have told you there’s no way I’d see a chiropractor – that they were untrustworthy charlatans selling the medical equivalent of snake-oil.

Well now I’m getting a chance to find out first-hand! As I mentioned before I’ve had serious problems with my back, to the point where my GP has been able to help me arrest the slide, but not improve my condition.

I’ve taken a colleague‘s recommendation and am now attending his chiropractor . The guy seems like a good guy, and I’m delighted that one of the first things he wanted was an x-ray – he seems to be following some sort of scientific methodology 🙂

In case you were wondering why the sudden drop-off in cycling posts, now you know why I haven’t been out much on my beautiful Cross-Check, nor out on the rugby pitch for that matter!


  1. hey there,

    I didn’t trust chiropractors until I was told about a guy in Eyre Clinic in Loughrea. I’ve now been going for 6 weeks and have noticed a massive improvement in my back. He uses muscle testing (kinesiology) along with the popping of bones!! He was trained in Australia (apparently they have more intensive training down under)My asthma isn’t as bad, which is a miracle in itself!

  2. I believe chiros are mostly quacks and crooks too. The x-ray is just part of the scam. I bet he wears a white lab coat, too. Oh, and he can cure your asthma 🙂

  3. Well, I’ll give a proper report in 8-10 weeks time when I’m finished my rehabilitation programme and back in the front row… just in time for the end of the season 🙂

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