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How your fitness affects your work life

This is something strongly in my mind at the moment.

I’m a sports addict, regularly playing rugby (3 times per week during season), sailing (twice weekly in summer) and cycling – mountain biking and cycle touring for holidays.

Starting my internet marketing business has serious impacted my fitness – for about 4 months I’ve done almost zero exercise.

I really can’t believe how much of a detrimental effect it’s had. I’ve taken back up sailing at least once a week, I’m in my first week of running from 7am-8am in the morning, and hopefully I’ll have time in late August to do a week or two touring in the Loire.

Hopefully I can report back in a couple of weeks time that I’m back on course. If so then I’ll be able to give good data on how much fitness actually does affects business performance.

Tour shock – Vinokourov tests positive

Vino leading breakaway in Stage 15 2007 TdF

I really was enjoying this year’s TdF, it was delivering really exciting tactical and strategic racing, especially the time trial and the 2 Pyrenees stages so far – brilliant! There’s been so much to enjoy up til now in the 2007 TdF:

  • Rasmussen-Contador’s cat and mouse routine in the mountains
  • Vino’s great TT win
  • Will Evans stay in GC contention in the Pyrenees after day 1?
  • Just how good will the Astana team be if they get their team strategy in order next year?
  • (before Vino’s 28 minute blow-up) Is Vino or Kloeden #1?
  • Lots of great up and coming riders

So what a shame and a shock it is to learn that Vino’s been done for homologous blood doping and worse again, the entire Astana team is withdrawn from the race!

VoteCrazy at the Irish Blog awards

Woohoo – is in the running for “Best Sports & Recreation Blog” at the Irish Blog Awards. Before you do anything else, please vote for me! You don’t have to be Irish to vote.

It takes less than 30 seconds. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your details
  3. Scroll down for “Best Sports & Recreation Blog” and pick “”.
  4. Check “I have checked my nominations”
  5. Submit
  6. Bask in the reflected glory

Please don’t wait as voting closes this week! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Would you trust a chiropractor?

Spinal cordNot so long ago I’d have told you there’s no way I’d see a chiropractor – that they were untrustworthy charlatans selling the medical equivalent of snake-oil.

Well now I’m getting a chance to find out first-hand! As I mentioned before I’ve had serious problems with my back, to the point where my GP has been able to help me arrest the slide, but not improve my condition.

I’ve taken a colleague‘s recommendation and am now attending his chiropractor . The guy seems like a good guy, and I’m delighted that one of the first things he wanted was an x-ray – he seems to be following some sort of scientific methodology ๐Ÿ™‚

In case you were wondering why the sudden drop-off in cycling posts, now you know why I haven’t been out much on my beautiful Cross-Check, nor out on the rugby pitch for that matter!