Exciting first game as German defense still on holidays

Sieve-like, poor, amateur: not words you’d like applied to your back four on World Cup opening day. Unfortunately for Germany, despite their strong attacking and fantastic goals, their defense told us a lot about how the team will perform in the competition. Klinsmann has not answered any of the questions about defense raised before the competition, and the Germans suffered from both strategic failure and bad implementation.

All credit to Costa Rico, they took their two chances well, but I’m sure they’d admit they could have created more.

Ecuador may give Germany some trouble when they meet in the last game of Group A: they had a solid 2-0 win over Poland later in the evening.

Tomorrow we’re all looking forward to seeing the massively overhyped England team run out against a good Paraguay team… I shall enjoy the match no matter the result!

So 2 matches down, 62 to go!

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