Software geek turned bike geek

I love cycling. I’m thinking about buying a new bike right now. I think I’m following the typical geek pattern of “learn as much as possible before making a decision”… right now I think I’m hovering around the “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing…” stage.

You can learn an amazing amount from the internet. I tend to scare the younger guys working in the local bike shop with detailed questions they don’t understand, whereas the old hands see right through it and realise I’ve only been actually cycling for 2 years, and that’s a 4 mile a day commute and a tour or 2. Theoretical knowledge is one thing.

Anyways, I’ve decided what kind of bike I’m looking for – I’d call it a hybrid but that term is already in use in the bike world. I’m looking for an all-rounder bike that I can tinker with and customise to my hearts content. What a surprise, eh? And steel, because, well it’s possible to tinker with that too… I’d love to have S and S Machine BTC retrofitted when I can afford that kind of thing in a couple years.

After some discussion on possible choices, I decided I was probably going to get a (heavy?) Surly Cross Check, either frame only, or as a complete bike. The Surly looks sweet.

I’m also tempted by the idea of a custom frame because I think 215 lbs 5′7″ rugby players don’t fit the standard rider profile for mass production frames. That said, once a bike is close to the right fit, it’s possible to fine tune the fit. Check out my current discussion thread about sizing a Cross Check on You can see where my thinking is right now on that last thread.

And I see that we have a custom frame builder blogging too – hi Lee! Welcome to our world. Hey, would you like a complete website with webmail, contact form, database back end to list your frames, 3 year hosting package? I can do you a really good deal… say a 700c tourer style, something like 50-52cm with horizontal dropouts. You bet I’m serious. Leave a comment 🙂