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Is Thierry Henry a Cheat?

Henry controls the ball with his hand, enabling France to scoreThe evidence clearly suggests that Thierry Henry is a cheat, and a thief.

Video replays show that he controlled the ball with his hand at least twice, and possibly 3 times, in a split second incident 13 minutes into extra-time of the France-Ireland World Cup Qualifying Playoff.

Because of the resulting goal, France won, Ireland lost and won’t take part in World Cup South Africa 2010.

The referee missed the blatent (on replay!) handball at the time. Irish players, management and officials were incensed that such an obvious foul could be missed. Within 2 hours of the incident, 2000+ people had joined the Thierry Henry should apologise to Ireland Facebook group.

But is Henry a cheat and a thief? Well, honestly, I think that’s not relevant.

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Congrats Pats on 16-0,

Well done to the NE Patriots on making NFL history with 16 victories from 16 games. The Giants gave them more of a match than they expected (38-35). Great to see some quality American football, we’re enjoying the season this side of the pond!

Finding live games online

I’ve been looking for some sites to watch GAA (Irish football) when I’ve been away on business, I still haven’t found one (you can watch it live if you’re within Ireland but that doesn’t help me!). I did find a site which shows live soccer matches, might be useful especially with the Euros coming up.

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