What sports events MUST you attend?

There are loads of sports events I really want to make sure I get to before the next life (when I might not be such a sports fan).

Must attend:

Would like to attend:

  • Heineken Cup final (rugby), preferably with an Irish team, preferably not Munster again (I don’t mind Munster, it’s just the bloody fans that are annoying).
  • Rugby World Cup final
  • Snooker World Championship match at The Crucible
  • The Ashes (cricket)
  • CFB Bowl game (American college football)
  • MLB World Series Game 7
  • NBA Championship Game 7

What about you, sports fans, what sports events must you attend before you meet your maker? Post a comment and let me know!

Updates from Twitter (I’m @AMcDermott):

@TheMenace said: @AMcDermott Ireland vs England 6 Nations at Croke Park. Although I think you’ve only got 1 more chance to do that 😀

@interactivemark said: @AMcDermott Stanley Cup game 7 (preferably w/ NY Rangers) any Olympic event (preferably ice hockey) and the running of the bulls.


  1. If you go to meet your maker before witnessing a Dublin derby between Bohemians and Shamrock Rovers, God will not believe that you are a football fan, or even a sports fan. (Other LoI fans have a get-out clause).

  2. Hey FP, thanks for your comment.

    I’m afraid I probably can’t add that one to my list. You’ll notice there is no soccer on there – nothing against LoI in particular, but 99% of soccer matches bore the hell out of me. The Beautiful Game? More like The Boring Game – I’d rather watch curling or log rolling or the World Paint Drying Championships.

    Hmmm, maybe it could be part of the 1% – I’ll look into this (how exciting were their last derbies?)…

  3. Honest answer SC, on the strength of which God might give you a bye. Though you do mention ‘soccer’ in your About page…

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