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What sports events MUST you attend?

There are loads of sports events I really want to make sure I get to before the next life (when I might not be such a sports fan).

Must attend:

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Suggest a WordPress theme?

I had to move Sport Crazy’s hosting recently due to some technical issues. I had seriously customised my previous WordPress theme for search engine optimisation and as it happens the backup I made of my customised theme is corrupt – d’oh!

So my options are to reinstall the original theme and make some changes, or look for a new theme to work off.

I think I’ll go with the latter – so I’m looking for your suggestions! I’m interested in finding a decent looking theme. SEO optimisation would be a nice bonus, but I can add it myself if that’s not there already.

Please, if you know of any cool looking themes that might suit a sports blog, or if you really like some sports site design, let me know and I’ll take a look!



Where did sportcrazy go?

Hey there, well I haven’t disappeared, but I have had my head down, working very hard the last couple of weeks! My big news is that I’ve quit my job at Sun Microsystems and I’ll be self-employed come close of business Friday! This is a major change for me as I’m completely institutionalised, having worked at Sun for just under 6 years! A long time for a youngfella like meself 😉

My new business has been on the cards for a while now and I finally worked up the courage to take the risk and back myself. My company is registered in Ireland as “Log On Technology”, and I’ll be focusing on internet marketing in Ireland. I’m calling myself an Internet Marketing and Technology Consultant, because I keep hearing stories about consultants making all the money.

I’m interested in internet marketing because there’s a great mix of really technical stuff (SEO) along with concrete (non-abstract) business involved. Running my own business is a good challenge that I’m really looking forward to.

So that explains why I haven’t posted about Millar losing out on the Paris-Nice, nor about one of the most exciting Six Nations competitions ever – you’ll have to wait a couple more days for my thoughts on that, sorry!